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Every player gets 4 cards. At the start of the card game with multiplayer support every player may look at 2 of his cards, the other two cards will remain unknown. After looking the game starts and each player has to make the lowest number of points possible by switching card from the middle or the deck (blind card). This game is free to download without limitations.

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Here is a list with the most important options for this free card game. It should help you to give a better understanding about this free game.

- Unique game card game concept.
- Play against bots (AI's) or your friends on the internet!
- Join-in on (already running) online games at any moment.
- Supporting up to 4 players same time.
- TCP/IP layer with data-loss recovery routines.
- ICQ support and command line support.
- Extended IRC style chat functions : /me
- Private and public chatting.
- Extended options to customize your game.
- Random generated game data and events.
- Comes with easy installer.
- free multiplayer game using internet.
- Free card game with multiplayer mode


This is a screenshot of this free card game. The screenshot is resized to fit on the website. The size of the actual game is bigger.

a free card game


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