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Digit online is a mindgame generating millions of calculations which you have to solve. In this section you can find out how to play this game.

The idea is quite simple. When the game start you get 4 random numbers and 4 more buttons with the operators + , - , / and x. The game also tells you a target and a timer. So far there is nothing to understand the game just give you this info on the screen.

You will see a timer counting down from 2:00 to 0:00. When to timer reaches zero the game automatically ends and this means you failed to give the correct answer. Every round you will get 2 minutes to solve a mindgame, the faster you are the bigger your reward :)

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Here is a detailed list with the most important features for this free mindgame game. Also great to learn calculations to your kids in a game atmosphere.

- Fast game engine, generating milions of combinations.
- Join-in on (already running) online games at any moment.
- Enhanced server/client sync threats.
- Supporting up to 4 players same time.
- TCP/IP layer with data-loss recovery routines.
- ICQ support and command line support.
- 2 Game modes: cooperative and individual (opponent mode)
- 2 Game difficulties: beginner (easy) and expert (hard)
- Extended IRC style chat functions : /me.
- Private and public chatting.
- Random generated game data and events.
- Comes with easy installer.
- Free mindgame with multiplayer mode


This is a screenshot of this free mind game. The screenshot is resized to fit on the website. The size of the actual game is bigger.

a free mindgame


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