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Here you can find a list of our free multiplayer games. Since our project contains quite a lot of free games ordered on several catagories. You can click on the screenshot of a free game listed on this page to show full information about the game.


All the games in this list are our own games. Puzzle Online brings you a platform of friendly family games with multiplayer mode. This means that all the free games listed can be played over the internet!


Puzzle Online
A free multiplayer crossword game.

example of a multiplayer puzzle game

Multiplayer game up to 8 players! Design and play your own crossword puzzles using the built-in editor. This game supports both cooperative and individual mode. Click on the screenshot to download this game.

Wordgo Online
A word game with multiplayer mode.

example of a multiplayer word game

Head to head multiplayer lingo game for 2 players. The game comes with an english and dutch database of 500 words. If you want you can add custom words as well. Click on the screenshot to download this game from our free dice games list.


Turn Online
Free card game with singleplayer and internet support.

a multiplayer card game example

A free multiplayer game up to 4 players. It is a funny and simple game of cards to test your memory against bots (AI players) or real players on the Internet. More free card games will be developed in the future.


Dice Online
A dice game generating random worps.

example of a multiplayer dice game

Multiplayer game up to 4 players. The game will generate random worps and keeps track of scores. Download your free game copy today.

Gamble Online
A free multiplayer dice game, based on gambling

example of a multiplayer gamble game

Another dice game that generate random worps, calculates and keep your score. Click on the screenshot to download this free game from our free dice games list.


Digit Online
Mind game based on making calculations

example of a mind game with multiplayer

A game based on making calculations. All this sounds a bit boring but you should try it to see how fun this game can be. The games come in 2 modes: cooperative or individual.

Quest Online
Small 2D puzzle game with cooperative multiplayer support

example of cooperative multiplayer game

Cooperative multiplayer game for 2 players. Experience traveling through a colorfull world, solve several puzzles together: push switches, find keys, open doors, pushing boxes etc. Teamwork is essential.


Pong Online
Pong with multiplayer support! (end of free games list)

directx game

Fullscreen multiplayer game for two players. It is programmed with the well-known DirectX platform giving the game great special effects, sounds, and light effects. Pong will keep you busy for a while. More free directx games will be added later.


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