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If you entounter troubles running the free games this page might help you. Here you can find a list of the common problems people might encouter running our free games, if your questions was not answered in this list contact our support team.


Provide us with full information about your computer system, and the exact error you see on the screen. Only that way I am able to provide you with accurate support for the free games.

EAccess violation, invalid pointer to memory error, missing DLL error
This happens very rare, try reboot its likely you ran out of free game memory.
Are there any other online games or programs running on your computer? try to exit those programs first..

Setup failure: non win32 application or damage archive (CRC) errors
Old game versions might display such errors, please download a new setup from our free games download page.

The game is slow and doesnt repond well
If you are using the multiplayer mode then your connection to the server is probably very slow, also try restarting the multiplayer game.

The game is frozen or looping
The games seem to be vulnerable for lag spikes or connection disruptions. if this is happening you will need to connect to the server again.

The game doesnt continue with next player
This is a bug in DiceOnline GambleOnline and TurnOnline when playing in multiplayer game mode. The game seems to be vurnable for latency and lag spikes when synchronizing all the players between turns. I hope to fix this matter in the next release.

I see weird colors / certain things looks weird
are your video color settings at least 16-bit colors? (start->settings->configuration)

The free games do not support large fonts, so be sure you put your windows configuration on 'small fonts'. Large fonts are likely to cause a lot of problems that im not going to fix.

My text appears seconds after typing
Your connection to the server is probably very slow, try changing server or reconnecting to the internet.

No text appears at all
This can happen after hours of playing, try clearing all text so you free up chat buffers.

Pong Online doesnt make any sound , how come?
Maybe other free multiplayer games already blocking the sound device, try close it down..

Pong Online doesnt start at all, or telling its missing dll files.
Try to download the game again. To fix the problem you can also try to download directx 7.0 or better.

Application cannot launch / find game path when i launch using the ICQ game feature.
Try shutting down icq first, then launch and exit the puzzle-online game(s) then restart ICQ again!

The game doesnt show up on the ICQ game list.
It is not sure if future versions of icq still support this option. The current version of ICQ should fully support out free multiplayer games that you can download from our website.


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