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Wordgo is a free word game that you can play on the internet with a friend. However this game only supports up to 2 players and there are no bots available to play upon. The game can be played in 2 modes: classical word game or full chart word game. A free multiplayer mode is included in the word game.

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Please take a look at this list with the most important options for this free word game. It will give you a detailed description of the word game you can download from the website.

- Play with 500 words english or dutch.
- Make your own word games up to a total of 1000 words!.
- Extended options to customize your words.
- Random game data and events.
- Supporting up to 2 players head to head.
- TCP/IP layer with data-loss recovery routines.
- ICQ support and command line support.
- Two multiplayer word game modes: classic or full chart.
- Extended IRC style chat functions : /me.
- Comes with easy installer.
- free multiplayer game using internet.
- Free word game with multiplayer mode.


This is a screenshot of this free word game. The screenshot is resized to fit on the website. The size of the actual game is bigger.

free word game example


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