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All game you download from PuzzleOnline can be played alone, but ofcourse it is a lot more fun to play against a real person on the internet, for example your friend or family. This multiplayer instructions page will help you connect to another person using the multiplayer mode


Every computer on the internet has a unique IP address. An IP address can be compared to a phone number, other people need your exact number to be able to call you.

Our first task is to find out our own IP address (note that your IP address can be altered every time you connect to your internet provider)


There are a few ways to discover your own IP address, to keep things simple you should runany PuzzleOnline game and select:

Internet -> How to multiplay? (see picture below)

what is my ip
A new window will pop up telling your own IP address.


Now you can tell the other person your IP address. For example through the phone or via MSN, ICQ or SKYPE. You need to tell your IP address because the other person have to know which number he/she should 'dial' to reach your computer ;)

Now the other person runs the same PuzzleOnline game and select:

Internet -> Connect to.. (see picture below)

what is my ip

The game will ask for the IP address and establish a connection. From this point both players are able to chat and play. Even in multiplayer mode you are able to add additional robot (computer) players to make things even more exiting. (tip!)


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