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Puzzle Online is completly free software that i want everybody to enjoy without the need to pay for it. I believe that all games suppose to be free games. i have no intention to make Puzzle-Online a commercial business. The only sad thing is that this project is no longer free for myself, the licences, website hosting and bandwidth are taking quite a few funds from me. Also the development of new free multiplayer games have been taking many many hours of my time and still does. If you like to help me out a little you can donate a small ammount of money. Donating is not required since all multiplayer games are free without limitations.


Hmm.. Only donate if you can affort it. Your money will be used for several things concerning Puzzle Online. Your donation is used for the expensive website, bandwidth and licenses. Also a part of the donations will be used for improving and adding new games to the project. Even a central server can be rent to provide a central lobby where players can meet and launch the free multiplayer games, but only if there are enough donations to support this.

Once you donated you will receive a registration key in return, that remove the nag screens when a free multiplayer game has been launced. This is a small thank you for your generous donation.


Upon successful validation of your donation you are emailed your registration key. Once you have received your registration key you can immediately unlock ALL Puzzle Online games. Click here for more information about how you can unlock the free multiplayer games.


Donating is up to you, Your small donation will help very much and you will receive a registration key. With this key you can unlock the welcome screen of all available games. You can also use this key to unlock all games that may be released in the future.

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Thank you very much, with your help I can make better free multiplayer games


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